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The village of Rouvray

The village of Rouvray
The village of Rouvray

The village of Rouvray 

What to see?

- St-Georges church:  

サン・ジョルジュ教会 Rouvray

ROUVRAY : Saint-Georges’s   Being originally a simple chapel depending on the abbey St-Germain of Auxerre, the church is reconstructed in the XVIth century. With its beautiful gate from Renaissance and protected by a closed hall, the nave dates from this period. In the XVIIIth century were built a new choir and a powerful bell tower whose peculiarity is to be hardwood coated in its high part.

By car, bike discover the small country roads to see the churches of the "Pays Chablisien" -French version

Turn back until Venouse, then take the departemental 59 in direction of Montigny-la-Resle. Turn left then go on to the village.


- a Roman bridge across the rivulet of " Bûchin".


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