On an exceptionnal Terroir, the Christophe Camu Estate, family business for 7 generations, extends over 13 hactares surrounding the village of Chablis. The estate produces the 4 appellations of Chablis, all made from one grape variety : the Chardonnay.

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Avenue de la liberté

89800 Chablis


Téléphone : 03 86 42 12 50

Télécopie : 03 86 42 14 40

e-mail : info@christophecamu.fr




This vineyard of Chablis is one of the oldest of France. In the 9th century, the wines of Chablis were already grew and traded by the monks. Since, the reputation has continued to grow, to be today one of the world’s most famous white wine. Even if Chablis is the most important appellation of the Burgundy’s white wines, its production is limited : it is a rare wine, a wine of legend, which you will appreciate to taste or offer to your friends.



The vineyard extends 5000 hectares over the limestone hillsides, on the both sides of the charming river, the Serein. The continental climate, hot in summer and cold in winter with spectacular spring frosts, and the soil, very calcareus, give to the wine of Chablis  all its originally and character.

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